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Jason Lambrose

Owner of 1st Energy Home Design

A professional contractor with years of experience.


Jason Lambrose was introduced to the home improvement industry in the year 2008. For the past eight years, Lambrose has developed a strong passion for helping people improve their homes. Working for various large companies in his early years of specializing in home improvement caused Lambrose to realize that he was losing that personal touch with the customers. He then decided that creating a company of his own would allow him the ability to directly help his customers and make it known to his client that they are receiving individual care. 1st Energy Home Design came to be an official company after Lambrose invested in creating his dream business which includes, home remodeling, home renovation and home improvement.

Every job that comes through the doors of 1st Energy Home Design is highly valued by the company and it’s fellow workers. Customer satisfaction is the main concern here at 1st Energy Home Design and choosing to do business with us will be the furthest from a disappointment. Rather, high quality home improvements are the expected outcome when giving your business to 1st Energy Home Design. 1st Energy Home Design actively listens and seeks to both understand and respond to customer needs as a professional priority. Our company is approximately 30% less than competing businesses in Riverside, California. Our main field of work is produced for the lower-income spectrum. Customer satisfaction remains our number one priority. 

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